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Workshops for

 pedestrian or automobile rallies

Seminar break

 treasure hunts or puzzles

obstacle courses

multi-activity challenges



Challenge Aventurier

Flag Shooting

Arc conquest  

Arc conquest  


Biathlon ' arc

Spirit games arc wood XL


You want to boost the potential and cohesion of your teams.

We offer you different  activities  around archery from fun to sporty with solutionsindoors and outdoors.

In the form of a challenge or during a meeting break or meal in the service of your objectives, during your pedestrian or road rallies....

100% adaptable on a site thanks to the multitude of activities around archery and a unique concept in France.

RELAXATION: 100% fun


find motivation within yourself through the success of simple and precise objectives, then move towards more difficult objectives, with problems adapted to your activity.


Encourage participants to cultivate their ability to work as a team while maintaining their individual pugnacity.

Our activities will help develop some values such as:

  • Surpassing oneself

  • Solidarity

  • Stress management

  • Team cohesion

  • Adherence to corporate culture

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